by Pamela Boubel

First it’s just a soft purple, emerging from the night.
Then comes the pink and orange, as day takes reign from night.
The yellows start infusing against a pale blue sky
And it’s just a few more minutes ’til that flaming orb flies high.
The fingers of the light reach far across the sea
They beckon as they dance around the hills and in the trees.
The clouds are great pretenders, wearing colors as their own
Reflections of the brilliant sun with all its hues on loan.
And tho’ I’ve seen it many times ~ to greet a brand new day,
It always is a precious thrill to hear Creator say,
“Come and see this great new sight, look what I’ve made for you!
How can you doubt my goodness, with a chance to start anew?
A fresh, clean morn, uncharted course, await your beck and call,
Rise up dear one and greet this day, my gift for one and all.”
And tho’ I am not by the sea as I pen these words today,
I know He did it once again, it is His faithful way.
I’m now removed from lovely place and with a wistful sigh,
I close my eyes and greet the day through what’s in

Copyright Pamela Boubel – all rights reserved


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