I’m experiencing a dream come true! I landed in Pemba, Mozambique today along with 4 other pals.


Left to Right: Cameraman Eric Wall, Cameraman Jordan Bigler, Team Mom Janene Humphrey and 360 Cam operator, Producer/Director Me, Audio Engineer Joey McKeel

We have come to produce a reality show (tentatively titled Walk with Me) with Heidi Baker and Iris Global Ministries. If you’re not familiar with Heidi and her amazing work check out irisglobal.org.  I have felt the calling to do this since 2010. The opportunity presented itself just last month and we worked as fast as we could to get everything together to get here in November.  We are very excited. Heidi is a hero of the faith for Janene and me.

I have often heard people say they can feel prayers of others. Well, over the last 2 days it was so apparent that we have amazing prayer coverage. We have had divine intervention non-stop. What a great God we love.

Tomorrow we begin our day with worship at Iris.  Afterward, the guys will be getting footage of the landscape here in Pemba. Janene will be sharing gifts of food and treats for the staff at Iris. She and her hubby were here a few months ago and made some friends. I am meeting with Heidi to discuss the filming we are going to do over the next 2 weeks.

Mozambique2 This sweet lady met us as soon as we entered the Johannesburg airport last night and escorted us through immigration, to our bags, and even walked us to our hotel.  If it hadn’t been for her, we would have lost an expensive piece of video equipment.

Mozambique3 I took this picture as we were getting close to Pemba. There are miles and miles of rivers with sand and no water.

The story telling adventure begins tomorrow!  More then.





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