I met a 16-year old boy yesterday that is blind in his right eye. When he was 8 years old he walked into the village with his bucket to get water for his family because they had no running water. On his way back an older boy stopped him and demanded money. When the boy responded that he had no money the older boy plunged a knife into his right eye. That story is hard to hear — I know.

This morning I was awakened from sleep when the hotel lobby called to let me know I had a visitor. Jordon, the young man I told you about yesterday, brought the boy with the blind eye to our hotel for us to pray for him. Bina, James and Josh and I gathered around him and prayed and read scripture. I wish I could tell you his eye was healed but it wasn’t.  We fed them breakfast and said goodbye.

We met with the Iris media team this evening and made plans for the week. The young couple that have just moved to Pemba, James and Jess, shared a spectacular story with us. They attended Iris Harvest school last summer and during their first week they went out into the bush and had the opportunity to pray for a 5-year old boy that had been dead for an hour. His family was Muslim and his grandmother was a witch doctor. They prayed for the dead boy as neighbors laughed at them. But their laughter didn’t last long as God brought the boy back to life. Wow!! It took about 2 seconds for me to ask if we could go find this family and tell the story. They said yes. Lots of great stories that we are going to do our best to capture.

Tomorrow is church and then we will pack up and move to Iris’s base where we will stay for the remainder of our journey.

Anxious for the journey ahead.

Love from Africa,

Sondra, Bina, Josh, James


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