Today completes 5-1/2 days here in Pemba. Bina says today was children’s day. We spent time capturing kids at the Iris school here on the Iris base . The base is called The City of Joy. Talk about a major success story!! I asked Heidi how it feels to stand in the middle of the school and see 3,500 kids getting an education because of her faithfulness. She said, “Look, it makes me cry,” as tears flooded her eyes.

A student from last years first graduating class was recently #1 in math for the entire country of Mozambique. This year, another student will represent Mozambique in a science olympics in Portugal. They are so proud—rightfully so.

Tonight Heidi spent time with some of the young Mozambican children that live here in The City of Joy. She had the kids put on a skit portraying The Good Samaritan story. I was selected to be the arrogant lawyer and Bina was selected to be the inn keeper. So I guess that means Bina and I made our theatrical deput in Pemba this evening. So far our phone has not rung with any talent scouts looking for us. But is was plenty of laughs watching the kids have such a great time, especially the bandit roles.

Tomorrow we are off to a village about an hour away to spend the day with Jose and Albertino.  Jose is the former witch doctor that some of you may know about that tried to kill Heidi with snakes when they were holding an outreach in his village. That day, instead of killing her, they gave their heart to Jesus. He and his wife are precious. Albertino laughs and laughs. She is full of joy.  I had a short visit with them yesterday and they agreed to share their story with us tomorrow. We are really looking forward to our time with them. They tried to teach me a few words in their Makhua language yesterday and I butchered it so badly that all the people standing around laughed and laughed. I did too.

Joshua and James are having a great time as well. We are praying that this will truly be a life changing, life advancing time for them. They are all joy for Bina and me to have with us–truly.

I wish the Internet was more robust and I would share footage with you. You could see these beautiful faces in action. For now, enjoy the photos and imagine the children dancing!

We love that you are taking this journey with us!

Sondra, Bina, James, Joshua

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