We are beginning day 10.  This is the sunrise this morning.

Iris had an outreach this weekend at the same village where Jose and Albertino live. During the outreach we showed a 15 minute video I put together of the people in the village that we had taken the day before. It was a real thrill to see them watch themselves and their friends on the big screen for the first time ever.

The next day Bina took over 100 family and group pictures with her Polaroid camera and gave them to the people. They were all grins and so thrilled to have a picture. The only picture many of them have.

The outreach concluded with a baptismal service at a nearby lake.

Great news! We have found the boy healed of deafness when we were here in November. We are heading out for Nampula tomorrow morning, a 5 hour drive, to talk with him.  Esther and Jesse, two of Iris Media team, are going with us as well as Jamail who will translate Makua for us. He’s the young man in the video clip with me at the end of the video.

When Jesus is the common denominator hearts can connect without words.  We love Jose and Albertino and find lots of ways to laugh together even though we don’t speak the same language with words.  I think it must be because we have the same heart language.

Walk With Me Production Post 4 from Heartstone Pictures on Vimeo.


With great anticipation,


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