Everyone has a story, it’s how we get to know each other. Stories have been a source of inspiration and learning since the beginning of time. We celebrate the power of personal stories by sharing extraordinary moments in the lives of ordinary people. Most of our stories share a common denominator – God and his loving pursuit in their lives.

We have been filmmakers for 35 years and we haven’t found anything more rewarding than sharing the truth and authenticity in other’s journeys. Every story is unique and has its own voice. Our purpose in sharing these beautiful stories is to pass on the hope, encouragement and insight that we have found in them.

Highlighting those selfless people giving of themselves to make the world a better place for others is one of our favorite things and we are fiercely passionate about. This is the section we call “Passion Projects.” This is a great place of inspiration for all of us to find our way to “help the least of these.” If you have, or know of, a remarkable story, please share it with us. And by all means, please share any of our stories that touch your heart with your friends and loved ones.

When you need production services, from scripting to final edit, we have a team of dedicated professionals ready for action. Give us a call to discuss your particular project.

Sondra Martin Hicks
Executive Producer, HeartStone Pictures
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