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Courage to ask the question

John Borgstedt needed someone to talk to, so he drew a picture of his paternal grandma on the wall of his cell. In his mind, she was the only one in his family that had...


Love in pictures.
Thank you to Klaus Claassen and Iris Global Media team for the video footage they have graciously shared with HeartStone Pictures. 

Sondra Hicks on Iris After Hours

Watch HeartStone TV’s executive producer Sondra Martin Hicks share on Iris After Hours program. Iris After Hours – Episode 19 – Sondra Martin Hicks...

Walk With Me Production Day 2

I met a 16-year old boy yesterday that is blind in his right eye. When he was 8 years old he walked into the village with his bucket to get water for his family because...

It’s Not About Me

After devastating news alters Rebekah Tauber’s life forever, she is confronted with the choices of her past and must make difficult decisions about her future that will...

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